Thursday, 14 January 2010

Lots of snow!

Like many places we have just had more snow at the hotel than has been known for many years. The notable difference this year was the low altitudes at which it has been snowing. It started snowing last Friday and by Sunday there was 15cms of snow covering the farm. It started melting on the Tuesday evening and today Thursday it’s all gone from the farm, but still remains on the mountains.

In the 15 years we have been living here this is the first time we have had the farm covered with snow for more than a day, five days to be precise. The following photos were taken on the farm and on walks straight from the hotel during these last few days.
The farms behind the hotel
Walking on the small road behind the hotel with the Picos in the distance
The main road just before the Fitó looking point
Changing weather on the Sueve pastures.

At the top of the Sueve mountains

Just behind the village of Bodes close to the hotel

The vegetable garden under snow

Looking out from the sheep stable

Our chickens posing in the snow

The hotel!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Non-flying travel options

We got back from the UK yesterday where we had spent the Christmas celebrations with family. This time I travelled over to the UK by ferry and came back by train and bus so as to get first hand experience of the different non-flying options available for travelling to and from the hotel to the UK.

The last time I went to the UK by ferry I really enjoyed it, but was rather concerned about the crossing this time as gale force winds were blowing when I left. However the crossing was completely smooth and enjoyable (like the time before.) I took the ferry from Santander to Plymouth which takes about 24hours.

Brittany Ferries travels to both Plymouth and Portsmouth from Santander and P&O travels from Bilbao to Portsmouth. (The availability of the different destinations can vary according to the time of year.)

My reason for choosing a non-flying option was obviously for the lower carbon footprint, but I must say it really is a lovely relaxing way to travel, and recommend people to consider this option. There are various restaurants, bars and a cinema on board and the possibility to go for a walk around the ship, relax and admire the sea views or try and spot dolphins and whales.

As the ferries were not operating for my return journey I travelled by train from London to the French Spanish border and then by bus to Llanes. I left London at 17.00h and was in Llanes at 14.00h the next day.

To do the journey by train first I took the Eurostar from London to Paris where I had to change station and then took an overnight sleeper train to Irun on the Spanish border. For the final part of the journey I went by bus from Irun to Llanes (it is possible to get to Arriondas by the same bus.) There are many more trains and buses covering this route so it is possible to do the entire train journey during the day and the bus journey at night or the next day.

I got back to Spain ready to celebrate New Years Eve with the rest of the family and friends. Happy New Year!


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