Saturday, 21 March 2009

The snow starts to melt

This winter there has been a lot of snow in Asturias and according to the locals they haven’t had a winter with so much snow for many years. However we have had about three weeks of continual brilliant sun with temperatures reaching 27ºC and this has meant the snow has started to melt from the mountains. With the spring equinox starting today I thought it would be appropriate to show some photos of the snow melting and remind us of the cyclic way of nature.

Very often the snow doesn’t melt evenly on the mountain, not only does it depend on the altitude but also on the orientation as well as various other factors.

Snow remaining on the north facing slopes whilst it has thawed on the south facing slopes (On the boundary of the natural parks of Redes and Ponga)

Snow on the high mountain peaks and on the north facing lower slopes (Looking at the Picos de Europa from the Ponga Mountains)

The wind often blows the snow into wave like forms known as “cornisas”. This often happens on mountain edges forming larger depths of snow which take longer to melt.(The Purrupinta Forest close to Ponga)

Here the snow is melting, which along with the sun and the wind can produce quite spectacular metrological phenomenon. (Taken in the Urbina Park another recently declared natural park in Asturias)

Even in the higher peaks, here over 2000 meters, the snow has started to melt (Urbina natural park)

As the snow melts the mountain farm settlements are becoming accessible. (Ponga mountains)

The horses which have been left in the mountains over the winter are probably glad the snow is melting. (Lower Ponga Mountains with the Picos in the background)

And off course as the snow thaws so the rivers swell.

Spring is here!

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