Monday, 8 June 2009


Samantha working in the hotel kitchen.
At the end of last year our daughter Samantha decided that when she finished her studies she wanted to work in the hotel this season. She had been studying social and cultural animation studies in Gijon and finished her 6 month training period at the end of March. During this training period she worked 3 months at the gipsy association in Gijon, 2 months at a farm school near Oviedo and at a special needs school in Italy for a month.

So at the beginning of April Samantha started working in the hotel, primarily helping Joe in the kitchen making the breads and cakes amongst other culinary delights. She has a natural flare for cooking and is a great help for Joe. She also helps serving in the restaurant and in reception receiving guests when necessary. It notices that her animation studies have helped her gain confidence when dealing with people, but she still has a lovely spontaneous natural way with people.

Samantha on top of a mountain.

Samantha has been a vegetarian for four years now and has an interest in vegetarian cooking, and would like to learn more about it, when she finishes working with us in the autumn. She also has an interest in artisan crafts and enjoys walking. Her boyfriend Andres comes from a family of farmers who keep animals which graze the mountain pastures in the summer.

Samantha and her boyfriend Andres.

Finally I must say I think she is doing very well this year, having to work and live with her parents, it can’t be easy

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Sam looks lovely,
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