Friday, 3 September 2010

Let’s gather together at the Earth Pilgrims Retreat!

The first smell of autum is in the air and natures harvest hangs heavy on the trees and hedgerows. On the 23rd of September a full moon will light the night of the Autumn Equinox, a peak time to celebrate our sense of change and transformation, a reminder of our cyclical belonging to Gaia. A week after, as the moon wanes on the 30th of September, it will be a time for Earth Pilgrims to Retreat, and while we do, the trees will start to loose all attachment to what earlier on in the year was their source of power and richness, the beginning of a natural period of meditation and tranquillity. A moment of silent transformation in nature. As it is, we will come together on the Earth Pilgrims Retreat to partake in this reflective and creative moment of life.

Earth Pilgrims can choose to live their life as an open inquiry into the wholeness of nature. Wondering the world of existence without destination, but full of freedom and a powerful sense of belonging that unfolds a sense of service and commitment to the Earth. The World is a place full of meaning, where every moment is a glimpse of the existential dialog of life, or as Father Thomas Berry felt it; - we are living the dream of the Earth.
During our time together we will listen to the gentle words of nature. Each Earth Pilgrim will have a chance to remember and deepen their awareness of the different beings in this land. Signs of life in a planet that is both our mother and our grand children; reflections of our soul that each day become more detailed and perfused with subtle qualities. Let us join an exploration on how nature is the most profound source of meaning within each one of our cultures and why without nature the awareness of our own culture would dissipate into its own voidness.
The event runs from Thursday evening 30th of September to Wednesday morning 6th of October. Satish Kumar (two full days), Sebastian Burch and Hotel Posada del Valle's Community invites all earth pilgrims toretreat with us during this special occasion.
Blog entry written by Sebastian Burch


moni said...

bello lugar!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful including the photos...(sales muy guapo!)


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