Friday, 8 October 2010

The Earth Pilgrims Retreat

Sebastian Burch and Satish Kumar on one of the walks during the Earth Pilgrims Retreat.

As I sat looking out of my window this morning I see the large trees like giants on this land giving home to the birds I hear chirping as they hop from branch to branch. In the distance I see the green meadows giving food to the cows and nourishing the fruit trees whose fruit will soon be made into cider. In the far distance the mountains are standing around us, as if protecting us, from who or what I wonder.
. Morning walk and around the farm

This is my introduction to the Earth Pilgrim Retreat that has just taken place at the hotel. Thank you to everyone who helped and participated so this event took place, especially to Sebastian who planted the seed and Satish for making the long journey to be with us. If success can be measured by happiness I think we scored tops.

Satish talking with the group at the local Santa Marina Chapel

Contemplating the River Dobra

Evening Yoga session with June (Satish’s wife)

It was a wonderful experience, to be and listen to everyone, our walking with nature embraced us with all elements; the fire of the sun at the beach, the wind up at the lakes and the overflowing river the Dobra. An amazing and very memorable time!

Work shop in a woodland classroom on the farm.

Embracing the elements at the lakes of Covadonga

The open evening with 35 attendants

The Earth Pilgrims retreat was held at the hotel from the 30th of September to the 5th of October and attracted participants from Spain the UK and further a field.

The group photo.

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