Saturday, 19 May 2012

Cuevas del Mar or Sea Caves

The beach at Cuevas del Mar
Cuevas del Mar or Sea Caves, what a name for a beach and with all its strange rock formations you can understand where the name has come from.  There is a range of caves, arches and broken cliffs around this beach and along the headland and these are the result of the waves continually bashing against the limestone  rock.

The cliff tops around Cuevas del Mar
This part of the Asturian coast line is sometimes referred to as the coast of the Picos de Europa because this is where the pure limestone that forms the geological unit of the Picos meets the sea.  In the high mountains the acid rain cuts through the limestone rock forming deep gorges and an underground network of pot holes. However at the coast its water in the form of waves which work from below beating up through the limestone rock forming all sorts of features. In some places the waves eventually break through to the rock surface making blow holes which roar like dragons as the waves swell under the cuttings in the rock. At high tide spectacular spurts of water can be seen shooting out from these blow holes.

Impressive blow hole on the head land near Cuevas del Mar
But the Sea Caves beach also has soft sands and although waves have beaten amazing features in the rocks the beach is fairly protected from the stronger currents of the Bay of Biscay and is generally safe for swimming.  In the summer months the beach is often frequented by families with children who play care free in the sand.

The sandy cove of  San Antonio close to Cuevas del Mar
There is a lovely short circular walk starting from the beach, it takes about one hour and goes along the cliff tops with stunning views along the coastline and towards the Picos The walk also passes two smaller sandy beaches the first can only be reached by boat but the second; San Antonio is easily accessible and this is another idyllic spot to stop rest and may be have a swim.  

Part of the circular walk around Cuevas del Mar
More information on the circular walk around Cuevas del Mar can be found on our walking blog

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