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"The Way of food" an inspiring holiday this October

The Way of Food; an inspiring holiday

In these summer months there is a hustle and bustle of tourists, the beaches are alive with umbrellas and swimmers bracing the Atlantic waves. People taking tapas in the street side bars, the music of distant fiestas with their traditional gowns and folkloric activities.  The summer is now showing its course after various hot days the grass is slowly turning from green to gold. The hay is cut and stored waiting the wintery months. I can’t help but think of autumn and the courses that take place in the hotel.

 The kitchen comes alive and participants help

Experiencing and sharing knowledge on the holiday

It is a time to take a breath of fresh air fill your lungs in anticipation of the experiences and sharing of knowledge you can get from being part of such a wonderful course. The kitchen comes alive with the fresh produce from the garden, participants stroll to this haven and collect its rewards, learning about the plants, seeds and compost the essence of nurturing the soil. It’s wonderful to see those muddy fingers carrying the ingredients into the kitchen. 
Carrying ingredients to the kitchen!

Here we put on our thinking caps and decide what wonderful concoctions we are going to produce. I love the excitement of those busy hands sharing the various chores of making bread, chopping up vegetables for soups or salads, the mixing of herbs and spices. Whispers of cooking float through the air and hungry participants wait anxiously for meal time. This is a time to savour the flavours of our labour, a time to relax and enjoy the company of all. The chatter from the table is medicine for the ears, normally a laugh or two when remembering the day’s actives. I particularly remember someone struggling down from the garden with the most enormous pumpkin and smile, see what you can do with this? Was the question, but we made plate after plate of mouth watering dishes.

Participants about to enjoy another tasty meal

Usually there are apples to be picked or walnuts to gather, if we are lucky enough to have a little rain then we also have Parasol Mushrooms growing on the farm, these are small but enjoyable tasks done in the morning, a time to reflect in what nature has given us, the circle of food continues. Last year seed collecting, and labelling was done, we were all proud of our envelopes of future produce.

Collecting seed

Enjoying the countryside

Then we take to the countryside, Asturias is magnificent with her mountains scouring high, her fast flowing rivers, forests hiding the secrets of night, and long sandy beaches with meadows of cows grazing nearby. How could anyone not enjoy it in all its splendour, to me it doesn’t matter if it is raining, sun shinning gloriously, or misty, it is beautiful any way.

Sebastian talking about the earth Gaia

I love to hear Sebastian talk about the earth Gaia in all her glory. His tales remind me of the stopping of time, just a moment I am listening obvious to the world rushing by, I feel at peace. The people who come on these courses are interesting, friendly and wonderful companions, not intruding but embracing, with an exchange of knowledge and ideas. I can’t wait for the next course to begin and you?... wouldn’t you like to join us in this wonderful experience in October 2012. For more information on The Way of Food click here

The Way of Food

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