Saturday, 26 January 2013

End of Season Meal

Opening presents at the end of season meal for 2012
Each year after the hotel shuts; we have a meal with all the staff from the hotel and their partners. Its a small way of  thanking everyone for their help in contributing to the success of the hotel and without whose help we would never be where we are today. We celebrated this year’s meal last Friday in the Restaurant Posada de Antriago.

Starting on the right and going round the table the people in the photo are as follows:
Samantha (our daughter) who has now been working in the kitchen for over three years.
Patricia (Mari Carmen’s daughter) who helps with the cleaning and in many other ways including, reception and in the kitchen.
Joe (hiding behind Patricia) chief cook amongst many other jobs.
Eduardo; Patricia’s husband
Sebastian (our son) who amongst many jobs helps organize different events and workshops at the hotel
Lidia (Sebastian’s partner) who also helps with different events and workshops organised at the hotel.
Montse who helps in the kitchen and cleaning rooms at weekends.
Chichi Montse’s husband
Mari Carmen (looking away from the camera) who has been working with us the longest, does many jobs including; receiving guest, preparing breakfasts and cleaning.
Andres (Samantha’s partner) who also helps in the kitchen

And finally here are a few photos from previous year’s meals.

December 2009 in the same restaurante and with all the same staff plus Hugh who worked on the farm and his partner Alice
December 2008 with the same people plus Maria who helped in the kitchen

10 years earlier; December 2002 with Mari Carmen and myself in the foreground plus Mari José, Joe and Mari Gel
December 2001 with Joe and the three Marias; Mari Carmen, Mari José and Mari Gel

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