Sunday, 10 February 2013

Checking Our Walks

A beautiful clean path thanks to farmers and their cattle.
Asturias is a living landscape with plenty of vibrant vegetation. With the help of the sun and the rain this vegetation grows quickly, often covering paths and tracks making them difficult to follow. It’s normally the farmers with the movement of their cattle that keep these paths clear and prevent them from being “taken” as the locals say. Many of the walks in our self guided walking notes use these tracks so it’s important for us to revise the walks periodically to see what condition the paths are in, and be able to advise our guests accordingly, or adjust our notes.

A very overgrown or "taken" path
Despite the fact this last month has been much wetter than normal we’ve had a chance to get out and check the conditions of some these paths and revise our walking notes. At the same time we always keep our eyes open for any new paths; sometimes opened up by farmers or made for forestry purposes, and sometimes we come across tracks that we didn’t know existed which could be useful for new walks.

So here are a few photos showing some of the walks we’ve been checking:

The Basilica at Covadonga and the start of the walk to Cangas de Onis
The point where I got lost on the Covadonga to Cangas walk, our notes definitely needed revising here!
Trying to improve one of our coastal walks.

but “will guests want to walk this close to the edge” we ask ourselves?

A gem of a find; a new path (for us) which will soon be a part of a new walk from the hotel


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