Thursday, 22 January 2015

Visiting a Major Cider Producer

"Escanciando" or pouring cider from the vat for everyone to try
With the idea of finding new activities and experiences for our guests to enjoy whilst staying at the hotel, we’ve started visiting a lot of different places so as to be able to recommend what’s available and what each guest might enjoy best.

Cider made from 100% asturian apples
Asturias is famous for its cider; the region’s major drink. For people who want to see how it’s made traditionally we always recommend them to visit the Ruta del Sidra y Queso, a fabulous two hour tour talking about cheese and cider followed by an excellent lunch.

Walking round the instalations at Sidreria Cortina
The original wooden presses in the background have now all been replaced by hydraulic presses.
But it’s also possible to visit a larger scale producer of cider and taste the cider straight out of the vat. Last week we visited SidrerĂ­a Cortina in Villaviciosa, they are well organized and we had an interesting tour. After the tour it’s possible to have an excellent menu of the day in their restaurant next door.

Pouring cider from the vat
Explaining why asturian cider has to be drunk as soon as it is poured.
Visits to Sidreria Cortina are on a daily basis in July and August and twice a week the rest of the year. 

The original wooden Vats

Look out for our new information sheets at the hotel with all sorts of exciting activities and experiences waiting for our guests to enjoy

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