Saturday, 17 May 2008

Last of the Apple Blossom

This weekend is the apple blossom weekend in Villaviciosa, the major cider producing region in Asturias. On our farm the apple blossom is coming to an end. We have a total of seven different Asturian cider apple varieties and the last variety to come into flower is “Limon Montes” or mountain lemon which is flowering now. The first variety to flower was “Coloradina” or large coloured which started flowering on our farm at the beginning of April.

Apart from having different flowering times (and harvesting times) the 7 varieties of cider apple we have all have different eating qualities and are classified as acid, bitter, or sweet. Having the correct mix of these different tastes and flavours is what helps to make an excellent cider, or in our case apple juice

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