Thursday, 30 July 2009

A family hotel

All the family working in the hotel
For the first time we have all four members of the family working together at the hotel. Our daughter Samantha is working for the whole season and our son Sebastian started working mid July working for a six week period before he goes to England as a volunteer at the Schumacher College. Sebastian has been helping a lot with the hotel web page, translating certain documents we produce, serving in the restaurant at peak times and helping on the farm. So it really is a “family hotel” at the moment.

Our small diverse organic vegetable garden.

Over the last months we have been producing a lot of new information sheets in a series which we have entitled “How and Why”. These are documents covering different topics, mostly related to the farm, with the emphasis on sustainable, mixed organic farming techniques. They are intended for people who want more detailed information on these topics, and who may have an interest in starting or running a small-holding, allotment, or growing vegetables in their back garden. Some of these documents have been the base of previous blog entries but there are two information sheets covering new topics; one on biodiversity and one on organic farming versus industrial farming. These are two topics we fill very passionate about.

Biodivesity on the farm

On the farm there is always a lot to do and last week we made our traditional hay stack or “palancar”, and with that we finished all the work with the hay for this season. More information on how we make this traditional hay stack.

This years traditional hay stack.

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Hotel Posada del Valle is a small hotel in Asturias Northern Spain surrounded by its own organic farm and where we are passionate about organic farming, food, and sustainable livelihoods. In this Blog those of us who live and work at Hotel Posada del Valle open a door to share with all of you who are interested in what we are doing.