Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Self Guided Walking 2º Edition April 2010

It’s been almost 18 months since we produced our first Self Guided Walking "book" with 35 self guided walks in the Picos de Europa and Asturias. The book has been a big success with hotel guests and many have used it to help them decide on their outings and walks whilst staying at the hotel.

Self guided walking along an easy track in the Ponga Mountains

We have just finished the second edition of the book and its now being used by hotel guests. It includes 7 completely new walks making a total of 42 walks. There is also more information on the walks which can be done with out using a car; 19 walks in total! There is an introduction to the walking opportunities in the eastern part of Asturias, including the Picos de Europa, with brief descriptions and photographs of the different walks.

Personal satisfaction reaching the summit (Sen de Mulas above Collado Viances)

The walks are grouped into the following geographical areas:
Around the hotel including the Sueve Mountain range
Picos de Europa Western and Central Massif
Ponga Mountain Range
Coastal walks

Coastal walking

An "Easy" Peak; Mosagre

In each section (geographical area) the walks are listed in increasing degree of difficulty; easiest walks first, most difficult walks last. To grade the walk a combination of both the total distance and the total ascent has been taken into consideration


Bird watching whilst on one of the new self guided walks "Andarra Massif" Picos de Europa

Resting on Pico Moro, one of the self guided walks starting and finishing at the hotel

Most of the information about the different walks is also available on our web site, under the Self Guided Walking section. The actual notes for each self guided walk are available for guest along with the appropriate map at the hotel.

Checking your not lost in the forest! Happy Walking!

More information on our self guided walks.

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