Thursday, 6 May 2010

A Tale of Cats and Sacks.

Joe relaxing at home in the winter with some of her cats.

I was asked to write the blog this week and other than food and cooking my passion in life has always been cats……………..

Here at the Hotel there is no shortage of these four legged creatures, all with their own personalities if you excuse the phrase.

This is Luna our eldest cat literally given to me by a neighbor in a sack, when I let her out she disappeared into the cavity of the wall of our old house and only emerged to eat in the midnight hours. This she did for two weeks and eventually plucked up the courage to see us, she now enjoys all the attention she can get from various guests on the bench outside the Hotel main entrance.



We have six cats at present all appeared here at the hotel over the years. Sandy and Gandhi arrived at the kitchen door to see what was on the menu, obviously liked it so decided to stay. Funny thing is that raspberry and almond torte is a favorite with the cats and with the Pine martens who also used to be frequent visitors to the back door of the kitchen.


Our one and only true farm cat is Tootsie, she was abandoned on the road above the farm, she now spends her life hunting mole rats, a huge problem in this part of the world in the orchards and vegetable garden. Toots is normally found in the stable or in the orchards.
Our last two additions who were left at the hotel door were Lizzy and Frosty, guess who is who?

This is also to show we did get some snow this year. As you can see I don’t need to start a cat’s home, there is obviously someone local who keeps me supplied…..
And to all those we have loved but are no longer here.


Blog entry written by Joe


Ian and Luis said...

And about time too Mrs Burch..... your first of many, blog posts not cats?

maria said...

Dear Mrs Burch,
Hopefully we'll visit you in August and I must say I am looking forward enormously to get to know your family and your cats!
P.S. We found 'Posada del Valle' a bit by chance and I think we'll be very lucky to get to know all of you!


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