Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Orchids on the farm

We have recorded ten species of orchid on the farm and at this moment there are seven species in flower. Here are photos of the 10 species found on the farm:

Man Orchid

The rarest orchid we have on the farm is the man orchid of which there are at least 5 in flower at the moment. These can be found growing in small pockets of soil in the cracks in the limestone.

Provence orchid, there are over 20 in flower at the moment

Woodcock ophry (growing 5 meters from the hotel itself)

There are 3 types of Serapias found on the farm. The tongue serapia is the most common with well over 100 examples in flower, the heart serapia is less common, and the small flowered serapia the hardest to spot and flowers a little later.

Tounge Serapia

Heart Searapia

Small Flowered Serapia

Dull orchid, we’ve only seen one of these this year.

The heath spotted orchid not in flower yet is normally found in the wetter parts of the farm.

The autumn ladies tresses orchid flowers late August to September

The early purple is the first orchid which flowers on the farm.

Enjoy the farm orchids!

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