Thursday, 16 April 2009

Riverside Flora

Ramsons growing by the river at the bottom of the farm.

Although the hotel farm isn’t so large (about 8 hectares) it contains a mosaic of habitats. Dry south facing limestone slopes predominate but there are also small areas of woodland, a little wetter marshy land and even some riverside; this diversity in habitat contributes to the large range of species found on the farm. Here are examples of riverside flora photographed on the farm over the last 2 days.

Kidney Saxifrage. These plants with their delicate white flowers on long stems grow on rocks close to streams and rivers.

Celandines. These plants provide a broad splash of gold in the spring in the damper parts of the farm.

Pendulous Sedge. A rather tall striking plant.

Opposite Leaved Saxifrage. This is the sort of plant you easily overlook or stand on whilst your looking at something else.

Greater Cuckoo Flower. This is very similar to the Cuckoo Flower which is much more common on the farm and grows on a wider range of habitats.

Wood spurge. As the name may suggest this plant grows in damp woodlands and not just by riversides.

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