Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Shampoo and Body Gel

For a long time now we have been looking for a shampoo and body gel to have in the bathrooms for our guests use, and that fit with our buying policy. This means we wanted the products to fulfil the following criteria: quality products that people enjoy using, which are not tested on animals, are made as local as possible and predominantly with organic ingredients, and to be made in an artesian way as opposed to industrially manufactured.

It’s not been easy to find such products, but we are really happy to say we are now using products from the company Olea Cosméticos in Jaen in southern Spain.

Olea Cosméticos is a company dedicated to the artisan production of totally natural cosmetics and whose principal ingredient is Virgin Extra Olive Oil from the Natural Park of the Sierra Mágina in Jaen. The company is formed by five women and all their products are produced in a totally artisan way in their work shop situated in Pegalajar in Jaen.

The products we have chosen to supply in the hotel are a medicinal plants shampoo and an herbal body gel. The shampoo is made with essential oils of; lavender, rosemary and marjoram and the gel with essential oils; of lavender, rosemary and thyme. Both products are made with organic olive oil. The gel and shampoo are to accompany the soap we provide also made with organic olive oil and lemon verbena grown on our farm and produced by an artisan in Gijon Asturias.

The dispensers we use (normally situated in the bathrooms)

The shampoo and the gel come to us in 5 litre containers which we use to fill the dispensers we have in the bedrooms. (We have avoided using individual packed toiletry sachets for 4 years now.)

The products really are of a an excellent quality and smell lovely and we have also some 250 cc containers of the shampoo and the gel for sale in the small hotel “shop” where we sell locally and environmentally friendly products.

Our small "shop" where we sell locally and environmentally friendly products.

Hope you enjoy these products as much as we do. More information on Oleo Cosméticos and their products on

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